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Here are some additional details about large neodymium arc magnets:

  1. Shape and dimensions: Large neodymium arc magnets can come in various shapes and sizes depending on the specific application requirements. The most common shape is a segment of a circle or arc, with angles ranging from 30 to 180 degrees. The size of the magnets can range from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter.
  2. Magnetic strength: Large neodymium arc magnets have a high magnetic strength, which makes them suitable for industrial and scientific applications that require strong and precise magnetic fields. The magnetic strength can range from a few hundred Gauss to several Tesla, depending on the size and shape of the magnet.
  3. Magnetization direction: Large arc shaped neodymium magnets can be magnetized in different directions depending on the specific application requirements. The most common magnetization directions are radial, tangential, and axial.
  4. Manufacturing process: Large neodymium arc magnets are typically manufactured using a process called sintering, which involves compacting neodymium powder under high pressure and temperature. The sintered neodymium is then cut and shaped into the desired arc shape.
  5. Applications: Large neodymium arc magnets are used in various industrial and scientific applications that require strong and precise magnetic fields. Some common applications include motors, generators, magnetic sensors, magnetic separators, magnetic bearings, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.
  6. Handling and safety: Large neodymium arc magnets can be very strong and can pose safety hazards if not handled properly. It is important to follow safety guidelines when handling and assembling large neodymium arc magnets, including using protective gear and avoiding exposure to strong magnetic fields.

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  • Customized logo: Min. order 1000 pieces
  • Customized packaging: Min. order 1000 pieces
  • Graphic customization: Min. order 1000 pieces
  • Material: Strong Neodymium Magnet
  • Grade: N35-N52, N35M-N50M, N33H-N48H, N33SH-N45SH, N28UH-N38UH
  • Coating: Zinc,Nickel,Gold,Sliver etc
  • Shape: Customized
  • Tolerance: Standard tolerances, usually +/-0..05mm
  • Sample: If there is any in stock, we will send it within 7 days. If we don't have it in stock, we'll send it to you within 20 days
  • Application: Industrial Magnet
  • Size: We will offer as your request
  • Direction of Magnetisation: Axially through height
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    Large Neodymium Arc Magnets

    A neodymium magnet factory can bring several benefits to industry, as neodymium magnets are one of the strongest and most widely used types of permanent magnets. Some of the benefits include:

    1. Production of high-quality neodymium magnets: A neodymium magnet factory can produce high-quality magnets using advanced manufacturing processes to ensure consistency and durability.
    2. Customization of neodymium magnets: A neodymium magnet factory can work with clients to design and produce customized neodymium magnets that meet specific needs for their industry. This can include magnets of different shapes, sizes, strengths, and coatings.
    3. Lower costs: By producing neodymium magnets in-house, industries can reduce their costs of purchasing magnets from third-party suppliers.
    4. Improved performance: By using high-quality neodymium magnets, industries can improve the performance of their products that use magnets, such as motors, speakers, and magnetic couplings.
    5. Innovation: A neodymium magnet factory can stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in neodymium magnet technology and materials, and work with industries to develop innovative products and solutions that improve efficiency and performance.

    Overall, a neodymium magnet factory can play a crucial role in supporting various industries by providing them with high-quality, customized neodymium magnets, and innovative solutions to meet their unique needs.

    We sell all grades of neodymium magnets, custom shapes, sizes, and coatings.

    Fast Global Shipping: Meet standard air and sea secure packing, More than 10 years of export experience

    Customized is Available: Please offer a drawing for your special design

    Affordable Price:  Choosing the most suitable quality of products means effective cost savings.

    Magnetic Product Description:

    This neodymium magnetic disc has a diameter of 50mm and a height of 25mm. It has a magnetic flux reading of 4664 Gauss and a pull force of 68.22 kilos. 

    Uses For Our Strong Rare Earth Disc Magnets:

    Strong magnets, like this Rare Earth disc, project a powerful magnetic field that is capable of penetrating solid materials such as timber, glass or plastic. This ability has practical applications for tradespeople and engineers where strong magnets can be used to detect metal or become components in sensitive alarm systems and security locks.


    What is cogging?

    Cogging, also known as detent or magnetic cogging, refers to an undesirable phenomenon in motors and generators where the rotation experiences a jerky or uneven motion due to the interaction between the permanent magnets and the teeth of the stator or rotor. This phenomenon is most commonly observed in brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), and other types of motors that utilize permanent magnets.

    Cogging is caused by the attraction or repulsion between the permanent magnets on the rotor and the teeth or slots on the stator. As the rotor rotates, it encounters these teeth, and due to the fixed positions of the magnets and teeth, the magnetic forces can cause the rotor to experience varying levels of resistance or attraction at different points of its rotation. This results in a pulsating or uneven torque output, leading to jerky motion and reduced overall smoothness of operation.

    What are the advantages of custom arc magnets?

    Custom arc magnets offer several advantages compared to standard or off-the-shelf magnets, especially when it comes to meeting specific design, performance, and application requirements. Here are some of the key advantages of using custom arc magnets:

    1. Optimized Shape and Dimensions
    2. Precise Magnetization Direction
    3. Tailored Magnetic Properties
    4. Unique Curvature and Design
    5. Application-Specific Coatings
    6. Enhanced Performance
    7. Reduced Energy Losses
    8. Noise and Vibration Reduction
    9. Innovative Designs
    10. Cost Efficiency
    11. Manufacturability
    12. Tailored to Industry Needs

    When considering custom arc magnets, it's essential to work closely with magnet manufacturers or suppliers who have the expertise to guide you through the design, manufacturing, and testing process. This collaboration will ensure that you achieve the desired performance and results from your custom magnet solution.

    What are the common custom arc magnets?

    Custom arc magnets come in a variety of shapes and designs to meet specific application requirements. Some of the common types of custom arc magnets include:

    1. Segmented Arc Magnets
    2. Multi-Pole Arc Magnets
    3. Variable Arc Magnets
    4. Offset Arc Magnets
    5. Complex Arc Magnets
    6. Curved Halbach Arrays
    7. Curved Magnetic Assemblies
    8. Magnet Rings
    9. Curved Magnetic Sensors
    10. Specialized Magnetic Couplings

    Your Custom Custom Neodymium Magnets Project

    Fullzen Magnetics has more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom rare earth magnets. Send us a request for quote or contact us today to discuss your project's specialty requirements, and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most cost effective way of providing you with what you need.Send us your specifications detailing your custom magnet application.

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